bali dolphin therapy centerBeside our DAT and interaction & swim programs at the Marine Park, we also offer 2 educational programs in close connection with our dolphin assisted therapy (DAT) programs.

The first educational internship program is created for students in the therapeutic field from all over the world, interested in the therapeutic field (psycho.- physio.- or speech therapist and animal assisted therapy respective alternative therapy approaches) and aspiring or practicing therapists and for the one who just like to experience how to handle clients in (animal) dolphin assisted therapy.
Our second educational program “How to become a dolphin trainer” is created for people of all genders and ages to learn how to train a dolphin. Read more….

Find out more about DAT and our internship & educational programs at Bali Dolphin Therapy

Email Contact:
Phone: +62 (82) 237 490 615 (Messenger WA or Signal)
Opening hours:
Mon – Fri 09:00 – 16:00 (Saturday/Sunday Off)
Programs: Stress & Tension Release (SRT) & Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT)
Dress Code: Swim Wear. Life West provided

Participants: Client, Therapist, Dolphin Trainer, Trainer Assistant
Capacity: Max. 2 clients at per session
Age: Minimum age 2 years – below confirmation by therapist requested

PLEASE NOTE: NO jewelry and cosmetic products on the body allowed in the dolphin pools!)