Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa For Entrepreneurs, Retirees, And High Earners

Bali 10-Year Second Home VisaIndonesia has announced the launch of a new 10-year second home visa. The new visa category will allow foreigners with over $130,000 in the bank to apply for a 10-year temporary residency permit for Bali and other popular destinations. There are hopes that this will help attract high earners, retirees, and highly skilled digital nomads to invest in building a life in Indonesia. 

Anyone on a second home visa can live anywhere in Indonesia. Most of those who will take up the opportunity to invest in a second home visa will live in international hotspots like Bali, Jakarta, and Lombok. The visa will attract a new community of people to Bali and, the government hopes, trigger growth in less international areas of the country where investment would bring positive development. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

The second home visa is available for five or ten years, and applicants must prove that they have IDR 2 billion in the bank, today’s equivalent of approximately USD 130,000. According to Acting Director General for Immigration, Widodo Ekatjahjana, the new visa ‘immigration policy is one of the non-fiscal incentives that can be a stimulus for certain foreigners to stay and contribute positively to the Indonesian economy amidst increasingly dynamic global economic conditions’. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

He continued to explain, ‘Towards the implementation of the G20 Summit, today we officially launched the second-home visa. The goal is to attract foreign tourists to come to Bali and other diverse destinations’. The visa category is similar to that found in Costa Rica and Mexico, that makes it easier for international citizens to reside outside of their native homes for long periods of time.

The new visa category forges another option for affluent digital nomads or remote workers who wish to reside in Indonesia long term. This, alongside the B211a socio-cultural visa, is being viewed by some as the complete digital nomad package of visas. However, the Department of Immigration confirmed a few weeks ago that the long-term digital nomad visa is still in the pipeline. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

The launch of the new visa was celebrated in Canggu yesterday. Those in attendance included Widodo Ekatjahjana and the Bali Office for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Anggiat Napitupulu. It was a telling sign that announcement was made in Canggu, an area that the central and provincial governments are touting as the epicenter of the digital nomad and investment community in Indonesia. 

Bali 10-Year Second Home VisaEkatjahjana told reporters ‘the target of this policy is foreign tourists who have money to enjoy their old age coming to Bali and other destinations in Indonesia. This is a stimulant policy given by immigration in the midst of economic recovery and a dynamic global economy.’ The visa costs just IDR 3 million (USD 192); according to the Indonesian Department of Immigration website, the visa allows foreigners to ‘carry out various activities, such as investment and other activities’. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Though seeking employment within Indonesia would still require a KITAS. It also states that the visa is for ‘foreigners or ex-Indonesian citizens who want to stay and contribute positively to the Indonesian economy’.

In the press release, Ekatjahjana invites tourism industry actors to Bali since collaboration with all stakeholders is essential for a better tourism environment than before. The application process is all done online. The web-based application can soon be completed at the website, and there is not too much paperwork to produce. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Applicants must submit a copy of their passport with a minimum of 36 months validity remaining and proof of funds. They must submit a recent color photograph and a copy of their CV. What hasn’t been discussed publicly is whether the CV submission is simply a formality for record-keeping at the Department of Immigration or whether the contents of the applicant’s CV play a role in the decision-making process. 

The Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali, Anggiat Napitupulu, told reporters that the new visa would offer more choices for those who wish to reside in Bali. He said, ‘So far, when they look for VoA, it feels very irresponsible because the validity period is very short. So through this policy, we attract those who have capital, global businesses, and elderly tourists from various countries to enter Indonesia’. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

The visa will officially launch 60-days after this announcement, with more information on the policy set to be shared in due course. Therefore, applications are not yet open on the Immigration website. 

Bali Partners With Influencers To Promote G20 Themes And Tourism

bali g20 influencerInfluencers partnering with the Indonesian G20 Presidency campaign have arrived in Bali. The group of influencers has been bought on board to promote the summit’s agenda and the island as a destination for business, entrepreneurship, and tourism. 

The initiative is being headed up by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Speaking to the press, the Director General of Information and Public Communication of Kominfo, Usman Kansong, shared what vision behind the campaign. He said, ‘The presence of influencers is expected to make the public better understand and support the implementation of the G20. We are aware that the G20 event requires the participation of the wider community so that the theme of Recovering Together, Bangkit Perkasa, can be realized’. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

The influencers chosen for the campaign come from all walks of life and all around Indonesia. The influencers will attend parts of the G20 Summit and various workshops. One of the participants is young swimmer Kania Atmaj. The Indonesian swimming record holder and south East Asia Games medalist is joining other high-profile Indonesian public figures, including Wahyu Mahendra, a travel photographer and model, and actress Dominique Diyose.

Speaking to the press, Balinese Kania Atmaj said, ‘When we can harmonize positive thoughts and apply a healthy lifestyle, then we can move, work and do many things’. She explained that she hoped that she would be able to use her platform to encourage more people to take part in a healthy lifestyle. There is a strong focus on global health and sustainability at the G20 Summit this year. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

At an event held on the 26th of October at Canna Bali, the influencers gathered to discuss the themes of the G20 Summit. They discuss everything from digital futures to health and sustainable energy. Dominique Diyose told the audience, ‘The use of clean energy must be realized and implemented considering the age of the earth is getting older, the threat of global warming and our responsibility to leave a healthy earth for the next generation’. 

bali g20 influencerDiyose is also one of the founders of Bali Swap, a slow fashion movement in Bali that helps consumers make more ethical and environmentally friendly choices when it comes to fashion.  When talking about digital futures and how this could impact tourism and travel, especially in Bali, Wayhu Mahendra had some insights to share. He said, ‘Thanks to social media, I can get clients from various regions and even from abroad. The key is not to be complacent and keep exploring’. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

With just over two weeks to go until the big event, the local government has confirmed that road closures and travel disruptions will be unavoidable, especially around Nusa Dua. The Denpasar Police Chief, Police Commissioner Bambang Yugo Pamungkas, held a meeting for stakeholders and the media on Tuesday, 25th October.

He explained, ‘Security is the main thing. Through this activity, it is hoped that all traditional village and sub-district officials can convey to the public about security mechanisms during the G20 Summit Presidency’. This includes limiting the movement of people in terms of ensuring office workers and schools work from home during the week of the event, where possible. 

He apologized to business owners in the Nusa Dua area who may have to have their businesses closed for a few hours to ensure security protocols can run smoothly. Livestock in some areas will have to graze elsewhere, and street vendors will not be allowed to operate. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

He explained that all traffic around Nusa Dua would be affected, along with the toll road to Sawangan. Specifically, in the Peminge area, only electric vehicles will be permitted over the week of the event. The main conference is being held on the 15th and 16th of November. 

The Police Chief said, ‘We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by these restrictions. However, we only want the implementation of the activities to be safe and successful. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Officials Plea To Bali Government To Protect Against Risks Of Flash Floods

bali flash floodsOfficials at Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) are calling on the Bali provincial government to pay close attention to the island’s rivers. The swelling rivers that transect the Island of the Gods are showing signs of increased risk of flash flooding.

These kinds of natural disasters could prove devastating, even fatal. In light of recent flash floods, landslides, and other weather-related catastrophes in Bali, the BNPB is calling for urgent. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

The Acting Head of BNPB’s Disaster Data, Information, and Communication Center, Abdul Buhari, had told the national news agency, Antara, that rivers across Bali should be assessed from source to mouth to ensure debris build-up from recent heavy rains is not blocking the flow of waters. 

Muhari explained ‘When the water debit of the river is low, these [debirs] will not become a threat. However, when it rains with very high intensity, then they [the debris] will become natural dams for the water’. The debris in question is everything from fallen trees and logs, to plastic waste and leaf litter. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Muhari continued to probe the local government about what they currently knew of the situation in the field. He said, ‘Are there any blockages? Are there fallen trees that may have the potential to become natural dams when the water discharge is very high? These should be our concern’. He noted that, especially with the upcoming G20 Summit, the risk of flash flooding across Bali should be considered with extra urgency.

The BNPB is also calling on managers and operations teams at Bali’s tourist destinations, as well as local community leaders, to go and investigate the rivers close to their homes and businesses for themselves. He suggested that every time there is a downfall, when it is safe to do so, to gauge the height and velocity of the water. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Muhari stated with confidence that Bali’s provincial government must remain vigilant throughout the monsoon season, which usually continues from early November to late March. The monsoon rains have notably arrived earlier than usual this year and with much greater severity.

He said that hydrometeorological disasters during this rainy season are of serious concern since the water buffering and water catchment areas across the island have been reduced.

bali floodingThis is an observation echoed by The Indonesian Forum for the Environment of Bali Province (WALHI). Last week, the organization released new data suggesting that the rapid development of agricultural land (namely rice paddies) into tourist and infrastructure developments directly impacted the increasing number of natural disasters on the island. The Director of WALHI Bali, Made Krisna Dinata shared the data with WALHI members and the press at a meeting on the 18th of October. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Dinata explained ‘The natural disasters that hit Bali are caused by the domino effect of climate change due to the increase in the earth’s surface temperature. Then welcome the conversion of land functions due to massive infrastructure development in Bali’. The research showed that in the space of four years, Bali lost over 34 million tonnes worth of water-carrying capacity in the research area alone. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Tourism development in areas like Canggu and the villages around Ubud has drastically reduced the island’s agricultural land and natural water management system. What’s more, the construction of the Gilimanuk Mengwi Toll Road is set to remove even more vital landscapes that could lead to further natural disasters. 

Despite recent flash flooding events across Bali, the worst being in Jembrana Regency, communities, businesses, and even tourists are rallying together to get the cleanup operation underway. Hotels, guest houses, and tourism businesses have conducted beach clean-ups in the Canggu and Sanur areas.  

Bali’s newest beach club venue, Atlas Beach Club, was vocal about its support for communities in West Bali impacted by flash flooding and devastations on the 15th and 16th of October. Outreach teams donated food parcels that included over 950 kg of rice, 145 boxes of instant noodles, and 2,544 boxes of implants, along with 1,200 cans of sardines, to communities in need. Other high-profile and smaller businesses across Bali are sending their support to those in need behind the scenes too. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Over 100 Additional Staff Added To Bali Airport Immigration Ahead Of G20 Summit

bali immigrationThe Indonesian Department of Immigration has deployed over 100 additional staff to Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport ahead of the G20 Summit next month. While the national airport agency and central government have built a new VVIP Terminal building for the events in Bali, the additional staff will operate between commercial arrivals and delegations arriving at both the international arrivals halls and the VVIP terminal building. 

A total of 117 staff have been sent to Bali from immigration offices across Indonesia. Officers from Palembang, Semarang, Bandung, Solo, and Jogjakarta have arrived in Bali in preparation for one of the most significant international events that the Island of the Gods has ever hosted. The Indonesian Department of Immigration has also transferred additional resources in the form of computers and other immigration-checking equipment to ensure that the whole operation runs smoothly. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

The Head of the Special Class I Immigration Office at Ngurah Rai, Sugito, told reporters, ‘The addition is to speed up the flow of arrivals during the G20 Summit. The first 44 staff members have arrived, with more heading to Bali in the coming days. He continued to explain, ‘Immigration has also prepared a special immigration check counter for the G20 Summit delegation, which will be filled with 12 officers with a target of 720 immigration checks per hour. 

He confirmed that immigration checks on heads of state will be held in the VVIP terminal and that ministers and high-level delegates will be welcomed into the VIP building. Diplomats, representatives, and staff who do not require higher levels of security clearance will be processed at the commercial international arrivals hall. Sugito said, ‘Kanim Ngurah Rai has carried out mapping and plotting of officers. Mobile units used for immigration checks for delegates at the VVIP/VIP level have also been prepared’. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Those arriving at the commercial international arrivals hall as members of G20 delegations will have a designated G20 2022 Immigration Check Queue. This, once again, will help ensure that commercial arrivals remain unaffected by the huge influx of G20-related foot traffic. 

bali immigrationSugito explained to reporters that although many high-profile members of delegations will be arriving on private charter flights, even more members of the delegations will be arriving on commercial flights. He advised commercial travelers, for example, those coming to Bali on holiday to see family or other non-G20 related business, that there are predicted to be peak times where foot traffic will be higher than usual. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

This will be especially true in the days running up to the G20 Summit. The main event is being held from 15th-16th November, with many people arriving from the 8th of November and not leaving the island until the 22nd.

Sugito said, ‘For these delegates, there are those who use commercial flights, there are special flights. For delegates who use commercial flights, peak hours are usually from 14.00 WITA to 18.00 WITA; and at 20.00 WITA to 22.00 WITA [will be] busy or peak time at Ngurah Rai Airport’. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Travelers who will be in Bali around the G20 event are reminded that there may be road diversions, road closures, and even beach closures for VVIP press calls and field trips. While most events are being held in and around Nusa Dua, field trip events are being hosted around Bali in the days after the main summit. Travelers and locals have been advised that there will be increased police, military, and secret service presence on the streets of Bali, and there will be both uniformed and covert officers on duty. 

Despite global political tensions, it remains the case that all heads of state from all of the G20 member states will be attending the summit. This includes US President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is in addition to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, newly appointed UK Prime Minster Rishi Sunk, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and other key world leaders. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Ministers Pray That G20 Summit In Bali Will Be A Platform For International Peace

bali priestMinisters and spiritual leaders in Bali have expressed their hopes that the upcoming G20 Summit will be an opportunity to create international peace. Lead organizer for the event in Indonesia, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, has shared his hopes that the event will be a platform for Russia to resolve their conflict with Ukraine; in essence, ending the war. 

At a ceremony held in Bali on Wednesday evening at the Peninsula ITDC in Nusa Dua, Minster Pandjaitan and spiritual leaders held a traditional prayer for the event’s success. Minister Pandjaitan said, ‘later [we pray] the world’s leaders will gather here in peace, Ukraine with…Russia peace, America and China can meet [here]’. 

He continued ‘President Jokowi will be a bridge to overcome these differences. These efforts will certainly be made and are being carried out, we pray for all of them’. When he was asked whether it remained the case that all world leaders from the G20 nations would be in attendance, as was confirmed a few weeks ago, Minister Pandjaitan said that he had asked all parties to pray that world leaders would attend together and in peaceful circumstances. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Minister Pandjaitan shared his appreciation for the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, who was also in attendance at the event. They were joined by 1200 Bali stakeholders and guests connected to the G20 Summit. A further 1,494 traditional villages and village leaders attended the ceremony online. 

As the war in Ukraine rolls on, it seems that a seismic change of heart would be needed for peace to be realized within the next two to three weeks. That said, Bali is a place of spiritual healing for many, of cleansing, ritual, and reconciliation, so the hopes are perhaps not plausible. 

The joint prayer was for Indonesia’s continued success and ‘glory’ while the G20 Summit goes ahead over the 15th and 16th of November. While Minister Pandjaitan wishes for Bali to be the place where Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky see eye to eye, it may be a little ambitious. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)


Man Who Robbed Australian Woman In Bali Shot By Police During Arrest

bali policeBali’s Badung Police announced at a press conference that they have caught a man who slashed the tires of an Australian woman in Bali and robbed her while she examined her car. Badung Police Chief, AKBP Leo Dedy Defretes told local reporters that the incident occurred on Wednesday 20th July and that the perpetrator has been remanded in police custody. The man in question has been named as M Andri Adi, 26, from Makassar, South Sulawesi. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

According to the version of events shared by AKBP Defretes at the police press conference ‘The perpetrator deliberately broke the victim’s car tire using iron made from umbrella wire’. Defretes describe how Adi slashed the tires and waited for the victim to return to her car. The vehicle was parked outside the Lia Collection shop in North Kuta. 

Once the driver returned to the car and drove away Adi followed behind, knowing she’d feel something was wrong with the car soon enough. Adi came along and offered to help. AKBP Defretes said ‘When the victim was careless, and the victim was tricked into seeing the rear tire of the car was flat. The perpetrator immediately took the victim’s belongings in the car and fled’. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Adi got away with a cellphone, a gold ring, and IDR 2.5 million in cash. The victim immediately alerted the police. Based on the report the police launched an investigation as quickly as they could and tracked Adi down to the Mengwi area in Badung. 

bali crimeAdi was paraded at the police press conference and could be seen to be limping and had a bloodied bandage wrapped around his left leg. AKBP Defretes confirmed that Adi had been shot by police during his arrest for trying to flee the scene. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

He said ‘When the development of another crime scene was going to be carried out, this perpetrator tried to escape. So that decisive action is taken’. It is not unheard of for police to shoot suspected criminals who try to escape arrest, though it is uncommon. The police did not give any further information about Adi’s case. He remains in the custody of Badung Police. 

Local newspapers named the victim as Rosemary Thorburn, an Australian woman living in Sanur. She shared a post on her public Facebook profile describing her version of events. In the caption of the post, she wrote:

‘…if you haven’t heard from me or if I haven’t completed a task I promised you. 1 week ago I was robbed…[they] told me to move my car forward…later to learn, over a tack they had planted…Whilst I was at back of car unloading boot bang one opened front door took bag and phone. Needless to say I’ve spent the entire week replacing cards new phone, setting it up, entire day at police station with [an Indonesian] interpreter…it’s a huge task…Also a warning to Bali friends ..Hati Hati’.

Thorburn received dozens of comments from friends. In one reply Thorburn writes ‘Can you believe one week to the day a call from 3 very happy detective…photo of my bag…worthless content…best part criminal in their hands…I am amazed’ in another she presses the ‘amazing work from Bali undercover detectives’. (Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)

Above all, it seems that Thorburn was delighted to have received back her phone with precious photos stored on it, and the gold ring which she describes as having ‘great sentiment’.

Others on the post described how they have experienced similar crimes. Another robbery crime that is often reported to Bali Police is bag snatching from tourists who are riding a moped. Although Bali is a safe place to visit, crime does exist. Anyone who is a victim of a crime is urged to contact Bali Police as soon as possible so they can bring perpetrators to justice.

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(Main Article: Bali 10-Year Second Home Visa)