Who are we?

Bali Exotic Marine Park is an independent organisation dedicated to protecting marine life. Boasting Indonesia’s largest saltwater habitat, we are ready to care for the animals entrusted to us. We also donate to animal rescue foundations and offer charity therapy programs for disabled people. BEMP will contribute back to society through our intricate research, education and conservation programs.


Animal Rescue

BEMP operates animal rescue operations and conducts medical checks on rescued animals.


Eco Tourism

We contribute to the local economy and fund our research and rescue programs through eco-tourism.



Our interactive education programmes will give the knowledge we have gained back to the society.



BEMP conducts and supports research projects on topics relating to marine ecosystem and biology.

The focus of our Marine Park is to educate people about their environmental responsibility, provide dolphin assisted therapy for the stressed and handicapped and we provide shelter and medical treatment for rescued dolphins.

A 32 x 32 meter salt water pool and a additional separate quarantine pool attached to state of the art filter systems provide a comfortable environment for dolphins who are not able to survive in the wild anymore because of various indications.


Happy Guests & Clients


Dolphins in the Park

Dolphin Explorer Program

Get to know these charming animals without getting wet. This interactive program is specially catered for families with young children. You’ll get to learn about a dolphin’s anatomy and how you can protect these majestic creatures. BOOK HERE


Dolphin Encounter Program

Take it to the next level by entering the shallow waters where you can closely observe and understand their behavior. Side note, you might even discover unique facts about them. Activity Highlights: Involves animal interaction in the shallow part of the lagoon. Direct contact and Interaction with the Bali Dolphins. BOOK HERE


Dolphin Interaction Program

Jump into deeper waters, interact and build a deeper bond with these cheerful yet elegant marine animals. Dance with these graceful creatures and experience the adrenaline rush as the dolphins propel you through the lagoon. BOOK HERE

bali dolphin therapy & education center

We welcome DAT clients with all kind of indications!

Our dolphin assisted therapy (DAT) center at Bali Exotic Marine Park provides therapy sessions accompanied and under supervision by certified therapists for children and adults with all kinds of indications such as down syndrome, autism, cerebral paralysis, hyper activity and many more …
The therapy centre offers also stress release therapy sessions for the ones who just love to spent some relaxing time with our dolphins whether to ease up on a daily stressful live or just to be in the presence of this great sensitive animals for a while.

We build bridges between like-minded marine life lovers

Our foundation seeks to create lasting change by fighting the forces that devastate the planets environment, endanger and harm marine wildlife.


We’re a education, rescue and conservation team

We work with local communities, schools, universities and responsible government officials to educate and achieve the best way to connect people and dolphins in the effort to create a sustainable environmental responsibility.

Key is, we review and analyze all our tasks.
We assist all our clients, internships and guests with developing a better environmental responsibility towards the ocean and animal wildlife.
We help people in need deal with their disabilities. The help and presence of trained therapy dolphins enhances the healing efficiency and has a many times proven positive influence on mental and physical disabilities.

Can everyone participate in our internship and education programs?

Basically yes. The internship program is mainly aimed at international students studying in the therapeutic or veterinary field. But all applications from interested parties will be considered.

What are the rules & regulations to swim with our dolphins?

Please follow at all time instructions of our customer service staff and dolphin trainers. Remain seated till our customer service announces the start of your dolphin interaction program. Swim- respective life wests are mandatory. Minimum age 2years. Kids below age 12 need to be accompanied by parent. Do not touch nor feed the dolphins without request of our trainers. Please do not touch the blow hole on the head of the dolphin.

Am I and my kids save in the pool interacting with the dolphins?

Our dolphins are perfectly trained to interact with humans. They are very friendly and love to interact with our guest. Our dolphins are curious and playful animals, but in no way dangerous. During your interaction program is always a dolphin trainer present to guide the dolphin and monitor his behavior. Please follow at all times the instructions of our trainers.

Reviews from our excited guests

What people say about their dolphin interaction experience

"It was amazing. The best marine park I’ve ever visited. Good price for this time, interesting interaction with the totally lovely dolphins"
Nicole Poliakova
, from Russia
"Bali Exotic Marine Park is where you find happy dolphins. They are playful, you can tell they are well taken care of. My kids loved their experience. They staff were amazing, they wore masks all the time. They made us feel really safe and give us more knowledge about the dolphin's world.. thank you so much for your kind and sincere service"
Yudith Lie
, Indonesia
It was an amazing experience to interact, do tricks, feed, kiss, play and swim with the dolphins in several ways with my wife. We loved it! The place is cool, the staff is very kind and nice. Absolute 5* ? Wish you a good luck for the future. See you next time! 🙂 David & Reka from Hungary ❤️
David & Reka
, from Hungary
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