bali marine guard foundation
Our Vision & Mission
Bali Exotic Marine Park envisions a network of animal rescue and conservation centres across Indonesia. We aim to be the forefront defenders of the marine ecosystem in South East Asia by 2030.

We are committed to our vision as a conservation agency, through four pillars of conduct.

Animal Welfare
We pay massive attention to the animals entrusted to us. BEMP has the largest saltwater habitat in Indonesia, with advanced purification methods and a competent medical team to ensure the animals are always healthy.

Our conservation program covers research, education, and animal rescue projects which are all interconnected and supported by our interactive education programs.

We welcome students and our partner NGOs to join our research projects to deepen our knowledge about the marine ecosystem. We have several ongoing research projects and more to come.

The knowledge we have gained is given back to society through our awareness campaigns and educational programs. We invite the public to join us at our animal interaction programs to learn more.

What is Marine Guard Foundation ?

Our team is working to rescue and protect marine wildlife

What our guests & clients think!
Read what our guests & clients have to say about their experience in our facility
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